How to grow tomatoes from seed

How to grow tomatoes from seed

Growing tomatoes from seed might be a little confusing for a beginner trying to grow this species of veggies. however, it is worse when you lack the knowledge and the technical know-how on starting tomato seeds. Worry no more today we will grow tomatoes from seed together with you from scratch we will take you on a course till the end stay tuned.

Types of equipment to grow tomatoes from seed

How to grow tomatoes from seed

There are some types of equipment that you will need these are the basic types of equipment set of tools that will enable you to be more fast and productive when you grow your own tomatoes.

So below are your gardening equipments

Spraying water bottle

Making use of hoses and cans is more often used for watering the plants but oftentimes they tend to make the small seeds soggy this sometimes kills

the seeds and prevents many from germinating. However, making use of spraying bottles sounds better for watering the seeds since they are still seeds and are to0 fragile.

Make use of trays

many gardeners do make use of trays to plant tomato seeds . To start to plant tomato seeds, making use of seed trays with 2 inches of depth is good for the seedlings during startup.

Though you can make use of containers or cups still yet seed tray still remains the best for you can make use of them every planting season to start seed nurturing.

Heat propagator

This is how to grow tomatoes from seed using a heated propagator. It is very beneficial when you tend to grow your tomato seed to pass an average heat of 70 to 80% degrees this is the best temperature for growing tomato seedlings. Without this healing process, the germination process is slowed down sometimes fails completely.

So, in essence, you will need a heated propagator, keep aside the temperature of the surrounding, a heat propagator is best to keep the seed warm at all times till the seed germinates.

Remark your seedling species

You must always remember the labeling of the plants In order to remember the species of the plant you are growing. Use writing material for the labeling

Tomato varieties

  • cherry tomatoes
  • heirloom tomatoes

labeling and remarking the heirloom seeds and as well cherry seeds will help you to differentiate when planting

Choosing soil to grow seedlings

Make use of lighter soil and try to avoid garden soil when you want to grow the seedlings on the trays. You can mix up a little of sandy soil with

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some rich content loamy soil this is to make the soil free and loose for easy sprout choosing a good soil also helps improve tomato flavor when they are matured. However, you can make use of soil dirt just as seen in our picture it’s more preferred by gardeners for growing tomato seeds.

Tomato seeds

The type and species of tomato seed you buy determine how the growth and success it growth will be.

Tomato seeds already packed which are being sold at shopping centers can’t be trusted in any way in terms of their germinating ability due to its long-term preservation.

However, I will advise you to go for non-packaged tomato seeds there are no preservatives just as it. This has a high rate of success compared to the packaged seed. The more trusted your source of purchase is the more chance of survival your seed will have.

There are 2 varieties indeterminate and determinate. Choosing determinate will give you only shorter but matured fruits all at once. Going for the indeterminate will give you taller plants and will also allow you to enjoy the longer harvest.

Make use of synthetic manure

Immediately you notice that the seedlings have sprouted, at this stage, they will need to be fertilized using liquid diluted fertilizer this is for their development and proper growth.

Step-By-Step Tomato Seed Starting Guide

How to Grow Tomatoes from Seed

I believe that by now your right tools and types of equipment are all set in place for the big game to kick off. If you are then you are ready to learn how to grow tomatoes from seed.

So in this segment of this article, we will introduce you to the step-by-step tomato seed starting guide. Stay tuned ….

  • These steps will teach you how to sow your tomato seed
  • How to help them sprout and
  • How to care for them until transplanting time

Alright let’s dive right in:

Time and season factor

The problem here is that most people who plant vegetable crops do have not enough time to plant the seeds outdoors and this is because of their region’s weather season.

According to one of the steps tomato seedlings must stay up to 10 weeks in the nursery before transplanting into the garden where the temperature is around 55°F and during the night temperature drops down to 50°F this happens later after the winter.

Get your containers ready

get your pots ready wet the seed and start pot mixing with water before adding it into containers. Slowly add water and continue the potting mix . If you notice that the potting soil can now be squeezed by hand but will still break when you hit it and there is no water dripping from it then you have gotten the wanted value.

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But you must make sure that your container has holes for water to drain out. Now transfer the already humidified soil into your seed tray up to 1-inch from the top. Make sure all your seed trays are prepared the same way.

Planting your seeds

In each tray, you will plant about 2 to 4 seeds, and press them down at about ¼ inch underneath the surface. Be careful when pushing them inside

the soil they are too tiny and a wrong push might send them to an early grave and they won’t germinate anymore.

Dry tomatoes are the best to plant they bind and mix well with the soil when they get enough moisture from the soil.

Using heat propagator

Just like we made mention earlier on using a heat propagator helps the seedlings to grow fast. Why? Because it provides to the seeds warmth and a comfortable environment to grow in and it provides it consistently.

How to monitor until the sprout

You will have to be checking daily also make sure the soil is moist at all times. However, since the heated propagator has been invited to do its own work then you would not do much work here. When the plants are in the right condition the seeds take not much than 5 – 10 days only and they will germinate. When they start to sprout open the vents midway. But when they must have gotten and gathered enough leaves then you can now open the vents completely.

Provide sunlight

The seed always needs sunlight immediately after germination this is to develop them. If in any way the heat propagator you bought has growing light then switch those on. if not easily take your propagator to the window to receive sunlight.

Well, using sunlight is more preferred to me it’s natural all way round it must be better than any other method when growing seedlings.

How to care for tomato seedlings

How to grow tomatoes from seed

Remember we are still on the course on step by step tomato seed starting guide. You must understand that taking good care of your tomato seed is good in order for them to get a strong root. How to do this is quite simple make sure the soil is moist at all times, spray water when they seem to be too dried.

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watch out for plant diseases and insects though i believe you’ve ghat non in your little space but there are find a way to get rid of them.

Do not allow the plants to lean on one side. Also, make sure that they all must get the same amount of sunlight do not allow cheating. Once you start to see leaves fertilize them with your liquid fertilizer as we said earlier on.

Potting on”

The tray isn’t big to handle their growth. So soon enough they will need to be “potted”. And this is to take them into a bigger container through transplanting. Once you are able to spot 2 sets of leaves on them then know it’s time for potting them.

Do another transplanting later on after three weeks after the first potting. Remember how week they are at this early stage of life so you can be able to handle it with care.

Hardening off

This is to make them experience hard weather and environment once in a while to get them ready for the real mission which is up next. Once in a while take them outside to get some amount of sunlight and cool breeze they will get used to as it prepares them ahead. Remember not to leave them for long as it will kill them. This is just a preparatory step-by-step tomato seed starting guide. So follow accordingly.

When to plant tomatoes in the garden

As a gardener use must plant your tomatoes when you must have made all the necessary arrangements required for their growth. Prepare a bed its must be fertile if not use manure. Choose a good spot with sunlight.

When it’s time for tomato transplant space the plants are at least up to 2 feet away then with 4 feet b/w rows. Make sure they are well deepened in the soil this time around than before when they were sitting inside the pot.

Tomato plants always grow taller and while growing they will need support use stakes to provide that support that they need this will help to avoid rot and roots damages.

summary on How to grow tomatoes from seed

tomatoes are wonderful veggies in an early stage of our sweet tomatoes they are round, green, and plum when they are ripe they are reddish though there are orange tomato species. tomatoes are good for a sauce you should try them someday.

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