how to grow beetroot seeds from beetroot


How to grow beetroot

How to grow beetroot is practical and easy, very easy to understand when you follow the right steps. With these steps you won’t ask how do you get beetroot seeds from beetroot anymore. Why because you will know every step from the beginning to the end and it’s practical.


Beetroot is most enjoyed when roasted and added a little pinch of salt to add taste to it


This food has been tagged a very nutritious plant by health experts over the quality of nutrients it carries this is one of the reasons why home gardeners love it and also the fact that it has less amount waste as its leaves can be eaten and so on..


How do you get beetroot seeds from beetroot?

you can get beetroot seeds from beetroot during harvest time this is done during September to October during the dry season when you can now take out the foliage from its crown and twist of the foliage its better than cutting off with a knife as it might injure the plant and bring out bleeding which will cause its rot.

Where to grow beetroot?

It should be a good light soil which was not recently manured why because it causes root rot when it’s manured. It is best that the soil should be a little alkaline in nature (PH 6.5 to 7.5) though it can still tolerate many circumstances.



when to grow beetroot

Practically the best of all seasons to grow beetroot is from marsh to July. During this time you will get a good return from your plant as they will have good tender vegetable leaves.


 Beetroot seeds sowing

Best to use a hoe to open the already prepared bed  1cm deep beneath the soil. Then sow your beetroot keep up the distance between the seeds like 30 cm space.  Monitor the seedling and always remove the weaklings to avoid overcrowding.


Plant your beetroot by stages. Having to do this planting stage by stage helps the overall performance of the plant. If you are sowing for the storage of winter then it is best to sow during May or June when you sow too earlier it becomes a trouble when you want to pull out during October.


Sowing beet in the late of august sometimes is done by some gardeners though bear it in mind that it might not yield big roots. Though it will be small it tends to be very good tasty and also sweet.



How to sow beetroot in modular trays; it is for the best interest of your beetroot that you start planting them using a modular tray this will give them a jump start as they will have a speedy growth compared to any other method of sowing you might be practicing. Get compost with better texture and has a lower nutrient compared to the normal compost of multipurpose. Get your modular tray ready has to be 2 inches deep at most. Fill your trays with compost and do brush away the excessive ones. Hit your tray on the floor or table to allow the compost to settle down and compact a little. Take a seed and sow per module one seed equals 3 to 5 plants.  Finally, take something to cover the top of the compost and also scrape off the excess. Also, water the plant gently.


The best fit to use in watering them is to make use of empty plastic bottled water that has openings all around it this will help reduce the pressure when you are watering the plant.




Transplanting:  Beetroot seedlings

There are some hosts of plants out there that can grow by transplanting and beetroot is not an exception. That is the reason using a modular tray is best it helps the seed to be in good shape for transplanting. Before transplanting you must have to thin the plants immediately after they have germinated.

How can you thin your beetroot?

you will do this by removing the seedlings the weaker ones hereby leaving only the strong ones to continue the journey.

You must not and never pull the plants out for you might also pull out the good ones in the process and this will in return cause root rot to the root of the good plants. So it’s better to cut using your fingers or better yet you can make use of your scissors to make it faster a clean. Water the plants after this process.


How to take care of your beetroot

Every plant that is good for use and that is also planted by a human deserves the best and it starts from weeding your plant gives them the freedom to grow so you must keep their growing area clean free from weed for they attack the plants and cause them pains.

Also, make sure there are no fungal diseases present to attack your plant and you should also know that some of the causes of these diseases are caused by weeds. When there is the spacing on your plant free from weed they are much healthy compare to when they are congested and packed together.

To get rid of the weeds best method is manually making use of hoe to take out the weeds on a dry day

Try to make sure that your plant soil is fertile to plant on.



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