How to Grow Your Own Garlic [5 secret techniques revealed]

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Lately, the Americans adapted to growing this garlic bulb after discovering how tasty it can be to meals. For this reason, we are teaching our readers how to grow your own garlic comfortably without the help of an expert.

The fame of garlic has spread worldwide in many countries as a garden crop and a kitchen companion.

However, how to grow your own garlic in quantity does not need much of a skill even your little child at home can grow this in his garden as his school assignment.

With these few steps stated below your ability to follow these steps will make you a full certified garlic farmer.


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choose your  garlic varieties

How to choose your garlic

There are only 2 types of garlic that you might be choosing from but the main garlic comes in 2 major categories but there are varieties of garlic.


How to Grow Your Own Garlic [5 secret techniques revealed]

Hard neck Garlic: this garlic obtained its name from the hard stalk center of seed known as scape. It is known for its uniqueness in having a strong flavor coupled with a strong flavor but they tend to have a very short storage life span – that is not more than 3 months after its harvest. Hardneck garlic cloves are normally not more than 12 in a bulb. They always grow in single-layer formation around the hard stem.



Softneck garlic: with this name I believe your sixth sense must have told you it’s the opposite of hardneck well your right. This type of garlic does not form a stalk of hard center rather they are the opposite very soft.

If you have a plan on creating your own garlic braids just like the ones you normally see at the market farms hanging looking at you, believe me, this soft neck species is the right choice that you will need. Sofneck has a milder flavor compared to harneck and they can store longer up to 6ix months or more. Its heads consist of 40 small unusual coves in multiple layers around the center.


In our advice we would suggest buying your garlic for cultivation in a local company near you which have been growing there for a long time for it will suit your country climate don’t mind supermarket garlic brand they might not work well in your climate most of the products are imported goods from another climate.


What time is best to plant garlic

when to plant garlic

The early spring period is the very best time to plant your garlic. Nevertheless, some species like tulips and others that bloom during the spring tend to need cold weather in other to developing the absence of well.

Cold weather it will cause your garlic not to be divided into partitions called cloves it will look more like the bulb of an onion. When you are planting garlic in spring always plant your garlic along with some other vegetables.


Planting garlic during the fall season results in higher and bigger heads



How to prepare planting beds

how to grow your own garlic

Growing garlic in a well-drained fertile and loosed soil with direct sunlight is best for its maximum growth. The quality of the soil also helps for the maximum garlic harvest.

To get the maximum harvest of your garlic enrich your beds with a lot of compost organic manure, casting of earthworms, and also adding fertilizers will help. But recommended is organic manure, this is for its natural components which are good to the crop.

How to Grow Your Own Garlic [5 secret techniques revealed]

Testing the quality of the soil before planting is also a good move to ensure maximum garlic harvest. Garlic’s tend to do well and thrive in a normal range soil ph of about 6.0 to 7.0.1 so testing the soil enables you to know the quality of the soil if to enhance its quality or not.



  Planting your garlic

Garlic is known to be a plant that is grown from just a single of its clove that’s all, that sounds weird, right?  I know! .. it does sound weird.

But that’s its nature, unlike other vegetables or crops that are been grown from seeds or maybe plants. garlic is totally different. just one clove is what you need to grow a big garlic bulb


To prepare the garlic cloves for planting

  • Remove the entire outer layer so you can be able to separate the clove inside.
  • But individually they still have other outer skin layers covering them do not remove those.
  • Also, try as much as you can not to damage the bottom of the cloves for that’s where they will start spreading their roots from.

In case any was damaged in the struggle keep them besides for use during cooking.


Plant the garlic cloves deep in the soil up to 1 or 2 inches below the soil surface. Make sure the flat bottom is the side inside the soil then half of the clove should be up.

Then do mulching for the fall planting season gather a heap of grass to spread on top of your plants. This helps to regulate the temperature of the soil to cool during warm periods and get warm during cold periods.


Remember not to consume or sell all your seed remain and save some for the next season for planting


How to care for growing garlic

learning How to Grow Your Own Garlic means you must know how to care for them like a newborn baby. its a must-do so they can attain a proper growth

  • Garlic planted in the fall season sprouts through the mulch during the time when the early spring birds appear.
  • Now gently take away the mulch you applied earlier when planting garlic
  • Add compost organic manure, fertilizers, or earthworm casting immediately after they have reached an average height of about 6 inches tall.
  • You will do this for 1 month after planting
  • Keep them regularly weeded it does not do well around weeds



Water the garlic to get up to 1 inch of water from the rainfall and irrigation also

Always cut off the hardneck garlic scapes during early summer while still soft


Using scapes in some fried and sautéed dishes together with tomatoes is good so removing them tends to help the bulbs of your garlic grow larger. (scapes are the green shoots that germinate from the garlic) add it to your recipes today and thank me later.

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When your garlic starts to mature and starts to turn yellow leaves now you can stop watering totally to make the bulbs hard.

Some insects do bother garlic however you can make use of pest killers to control this issue. you can purchase and make use of leaf miners. To know about fungal bacteria attack on your garlic lookout for spots and a purple small tan on the leaves. When you notice this it needs treatment.


Harvest time for garlic

How to harvest garlic and also store garlic

This is how to harvest and store and you’re your garlic on a normal garlic harvest happens between the period of July to September. At this time the stem turns yellow and also falls down and the leaves at the bottom turn brown.   Then voila it’s the harvesting time!!

we have a full detailed article on how to store garlic for a long time  use link to read

  • Gently dig out your garlic bulb but keep the stem without hurting it.
  • To increase the life of storage, harvesting garlic and storing it in a warm and dry well-shaded ventilated spaced area.

How to Grow Your Own Garlic [5 secret techniques revealed]


  • You can spread them out to dry up just as seen on the image above
  • Then come back after its 2 weeks or up to 4 weeks by then your garlic is due for complete storage.
  • cut off like 1 inch of the stem or either you can braid the softneck garlic probably for gif or fun
  • you can refrigerate your garlic it helps them to stay fresh for a very long time but remember not to refrigerate the ones you will plant the next planting season store somewhere else.

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