Should I pick my green tomatoes before it freezes?& how to ripen green tomatoes

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Should I pick my green tomatoes before it freezes?

How to ripen green tomatoes

Many have asked should I pick my green tomatoes before it freezes, and the best answer to this is that you must know that before its frost season you have to pick your green tomatoes to avoid being destroyed by such cold-hearted weather.

However, if the frost has already begun, then the green tomatoes that were protected somehow will be able to ripe at the end. The already damaged green tomatoes can easily be detected they must turn black if they do not turn black immediately certainly give them some days they will.

Must I pick the tomatoes before frost?

Certainly picking tomatoes before frost is the best option available just like a human being you cannot survive outside the frost in the forest without shelter. The same goes for some garden vegetables like pepper plants with basil and some more others will die if they are exposed to the freezing weather.

You should also know that frost will not only prevent your tomatoes from ripening it will also cause them to rot as there will be excess moisture that it can contend with coupled with the excess cold.

If the case is that the frost has started then check for some of the tomatoes that were protected and covered by plant leaves and take them so to avoid a complete loss and damage.

How to ripen green tomatoes indoors

There are steps that users must follow to ensure that your green tomatoes ripen indoors.Take a look at them below.

  1. Take a thorough check on the tomatoes
  2. Wash under a running tap make sure the running water is clean and not with much pressure so as to not damage the tomatoes as they are somehow fragile this is to wash off any bacteria on it.
  3. Then now you can dry using a clean and neat towel
  4. Access all the tomatoes and isolate the tomatoes with some colored spots and damaged parts you can also try to ripen them but you will have to do that separately
  5. Do not mix the good green tomatoes with the damaged green tomatoes as they will increase the rot of the good ones.

Now try drying the tomatoes there are certain types of equipment that you will need to spread the tomatoes to allow them to dry much faster. Below;

  1. Get a flat board must be (waterproof) this is to retain any water draining out of the tomatoes. You can still use any tray within your reach but it must paper towel.
  2. Remember that it must be able to absorb the water from the tomatoes this is the reason why you must use cardboard or paper towels.
  3. Spacing the tomatoes is also very essential to make sure that they are able to dry give them enough spacing to allow them to be free from each other.
  4. Get your cardboard or paper towel from any shopping mall or supermarket near you
  5. Now take the clean tomatoes and place them on the boxes a layer deep give them spacing to avoid them touching each other. it works much better with 2-3 inches of space b/w the tomatoes work well.
  6. When you want to store the green tomatoes make sure to store your box of the green tomatoes at a cool friendly temperature of (50 & 65F) must be a dry area. A basement/room free from heat, garage, and closed porch will definitely work well.

Take for instance if the temperature is way down and cool to the level of 50 toward 60% then know ye that the ripening will be slow and some might enter January. Make more use of the temperature at 60% for they will increase the ripening of the tomatoes. When there is high moist in the area it causes high rot. Best to use in the basement is the dehumidifier set to 35 to 40%.

  1. You must have to go check the tomatoes every week to see and ascertain their well-being. Watch closely, when any of the green tomatoes have reached 50% in ripe, remove them and place them in your kitchen allow them to complete the ripping process on the kitchen counter.
  2. Check for rot on the tomatoes if any is spotted to have any damage or rot on it immediately remove it to avoid it spreading to others.

It should not be more than 3 weeks to 3 months for fully ripping

Tips on ripening green tomatoes

You must inspect the green tomatoes from day to day remember to watch out for any tomatoes with any little rot so as to eliminate it, to avoid spreading to the other tomatoes.

A good well-ventilated spacious room is good for good circulation also take note of the room’s moist level it must be free from humidity.

What about ripening the tomatoes on sunny windowsills?

It’s a No try command… do not try in any way ripening your green tomatoes through the sunny windows hill you might be asking why by now? Yes, the reason is that light is not required for ripening it instead causes them to rot due to the excessive sun overheating of the skin. These tomatoes will rot because there is no more tomato stem or tree that it is attached to anymore to tap nutrients from.

How important is temperature?

One of the most important factors is temperature. After a tomato fruit has been detached from its source tree what it needs now to ripen is heat, a warm temperature, not direct sunlight but a warm temperature. It might be from a room free from moisture.

But in case your aim is to slow down the ripening of the tomato fruit then what it needs is a cool temperature and what you will have to do is to take it and place it in a cool area of [50 To 60 f]. But to speed up the ripening is to place in a room of [60 to 68 f].

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