How to store garlic for a long time

Note: How to store garlic for a long time should not be difficult in any way listen!!if you ever go shopping for garlic market produce remember one thing do not ever buy any garlic bulb that is spoilt, soft, or looks unhealthy in any way or has it sprouted forget it.After our littleresearch and findings, we noticed some frequently asked questions after evaluating them we still noticed they all were narrowed down how to store and keep garlic fresh for a long time probably a year or moreso we have made a comprehensive detailed article to help you in all these areas

  • how to store peeled garlic for a long time
  • how to store garlic without smell
  • how long can you store garlic
  • how to store garlic in oil
  • can you store garlic in the fridge
  • how to preserve garlic in vinegar

In some season the garlic tends to sprout fast and open the bulbs avoid bulbs like this if you plan to store for a long term.

There are two easy methods by which you can use to store garlic at home

• Make use of mesh bags• Or you can make use of loosely woven baskets.

preserving garlic using garlic braid

• Is making a garlic braid and hang but you do not try to braid hang the hardneck garlic species definitely it will scatter.Garlic tends to stay and last longer in a moderate room temperature of 60 to 65 degrees and normal humidity. This makes stored garlic hard during winter because many homes are heated up and because of this the house temperature is very dried with this any garlic that finds itself inside that house automatically will shrink down and get hard just within a month.If that happens just forget about as many of them that are so and turn them into vegetables to be used in cooking.

How long can you store garlic?

you can store garlic for maximum of 5 to 6 months with a temperature of (60°F, or 16°C) it can exceed this period up to 1 year but know you that the quality will definately go down. making use of clay pots works magic for a long term normal garlic storing temperature.Making use of a clay pot inside a cupboard to store your garlic will regulate the temperature inside and also allow air circulation and avoids them from getting rotten.Some other hidden methods to store your garlic without tampering with its flavor

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Can you store garlic in the fridge?

yes dear, you can store garlic in the fridge. Do you know that if your store your garlic in your fridge drawer that it will keep it cool and takes care of the moisture? But take note of any garlic that has experienced cold whenever you bring it out to room temperature boom it will starts immediately it’s leaf sprouts.Did you like and choose to use this method of refrigerating good but remember to keep it there until you are ready to use it else it will start to sprout.In case it does sprout take it to your little clay pot and plant it with soil drop it near the window to grow the garlic green for kitchen use.Store the leftover already chopped garlic cloves in a tight container inside the fridge but do not use this for a long period type of storage.However, the already minced garlic that you buy in jars from the malls is already preserved with acid and will last for a very long time without freezing it. So it’s up to you to choose.

How to store garlic Inside the freezer

Freezing the garlic

Stacked in ice cube trays in the freezer

This is not refrigerating this is more like freezing the garlic but most people do say that frozen garlic is not as fresh as a new one and that’s one true talk why would it be fresh? The freezer is just a gas-filled chamber that keeps stuff from perishing. It won’t perish though, they will look fresh but there is a difference between frozen and fresh garlic’sThe best way to this freezing method is to peel and blend the garlic’s in a blender to get a garlic paste then spread on the ice cube trays freeze it to become cubes then store in a tight container in the freezer.

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How to store garlic without smell

how to store garlic Inside a dehydrator

With this method, you will be making your own dehydrated garlic at home. Simply get your washed garlic peel off the backs slice and then put inside an oven and then leave it at an average of 115 degrees.Once this is done it will turn dried like crispy chips good is time for you to store them in an air-tight container. this will cease its smell but before then remember to blend. Already dried garlic crisps last very long even at room temperature once they airtight and sealed properly then the garlic will be without smell.

How to store garlic in oil

After your garlic slices have been properly dried you can store garlic inside oil. try to bring out more flavor by making flavored oil. Do these by adding a good quantity of dried ginger slices in a jar/container then proceed to add olive oil to make sure the oil engulfs the garlic slices. This can be used for cooking, flavoring meals, and the rest depending on your need.NB: How to store garlic in flavored oil only works with its basic principle stick to it ..Adding sliced or unsliced fresh garlic in the jar with oil won’t work my dear you are bringing in bacteria disease called salmonella. Be careful not to make this kind of mistake you can only use the freezing method for fresh garlic.

How to store garlic by raosting

This method is superb and is meant for you that desire to know how to store garlic for a long time. you will love it, after roasting i,t you still can freeze in the freezer till whenever you decide to have mercy on the poor garlic…. just a joke just get the picture of what we meant.How to store garlic for a long timeWhen roasting no need to peel off the back since you will be roasting it anyways. You can add roasted garlic to your recipes, for pizza toppings and so on.To roast your garlic bulbs, take out a casserole dish and grease it lightly with olive oil, place some clean bulbs and bake at a heat of 350 degrees till they are soft and mashy this should not take longer than 45 mins maximum.You can freeze garlic to use later use and air-tight container as usual before storing hold the tip of the clove or bulb to squeeze out the skin and get the fresh soft inside flesh.

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How to preserve garlic in vinegar

vinegar consist of up to 4 -7 acetic acid these acids serve as a preservative. And this method is to pickle and soak your garlic inside a jar of wine, apple or raw vinegar remember to peel out the skin.How to store garlic for a long timeI believe you have done pickling before it’s still the exact same technique. In case you have not done so before I will write about that later remind me or you can head over to Google and search for how to pickle vegetables.There is an easier way to do this just take your already peeled cloves of garlic inside a container add salt and also add vinegar and leave it at the back of your refrigerator until you’re out of garlic’s it will store it for a long time. Remember we said it’s already peeled garlic that is used for this.

How to store peeled garlic for a long time

remember our discussions earlier how long can you store garlic we made mention of up to 4 to 5 ways that can be used to store you peeled garlic for a long time.

  • preserving peeled garlic using vinegar
  • preserving peeled garlic using dehydrator
  • preserving peeled garlic using oil
  • preserving peeled garlic using fridge

try these methods and see for your self how it works i the journey on how to store galric at home for a long more;

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