What to grow in a kitchen garden | 10 garden vegetable Tips

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What to grow in a kitchen garden


Lately, mothers are becoming addicted to kitchen gardens. And because of this new development will be teaching this very public on what to grow in a kitchen garden.

Due to the human body is always in need of healthy nutrients as many as it could absorb and all this can be gotten from fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden. It does not just end as vegetables that bring nutrients to the body it also spices up our homemade foods naturally.

So this article we will be discussing how to plant a kitchen garden also will give more insight on the kinds of kitchen garden u can grow.


Wouldn’t it be so great to feed every morning from the vegetables from your own garden? I bet it would. Just think of waking up to see your beautiful garden blooming with veggies. And this will save you a lot of money from the malls and supermarkets.



what to grow in a kitchen garden.

The best thing to know is that the kitchen garden can be managed 100% without any stress due to the fact that it’s a small garden near the kitchen meant for family use only. Raising a little bed is all enough depending on the size of your garden.

However, there are some things to observe before getting started

You will have to observe the sun how it rises and where it falls and also how long it shines on your garden matters a lot. Just like starting your ginger farming or you might as well desire to know how to grow your own garlic in your garden with this you must know that they all look upon the sun to grow and you are the one to make sure that they get what is needed.


Picking a good location for your garden also matters a lot though on a normal basis it’s always better to have your garden at the back of your kitchen for easy access.  But also remember that good sun is important for the growth of your home vegetables.


So when building a house or renting a new home or buying a new home and you know that you are a gardener this is what you must do.

  • Make sure the sun falls on your garden for up to 5 to 7 hours on a daily basis
  • Make sure its located near to your kitchen
  • Also, make sure that there are good soil and also good drainage for your garden plants need to survive.

But in case your rented house has poor I mean a very poor soil then enriching and boosting the soil’s organic value is an option for you if you really love the house and location.

Try also to avoid timbers that are chemicalized they ain’t good for your garden

Also, make a road layout for easy navigation in and out

Plan on how to plant different types of crops

Also, make use of crop containers to plant in some crops most especially root crops

Planting some of the little container trees is also good you can plant them in the pots so you can move them into the house during winter for use.


There are just more than a lot you can be able to grow in your garden

What to grow in a kitchen garden

  • Tomatoes
  • Cucumbers
  • Garden egg
  • Carrots etc
  • Garlic
  • Ginger

Let’s say you want to gain more knowledge on how to grow tomatoes from seed read our article. Also, gain more knowledge on how to grow your own garlic very easy working step for all gardeners.


Also, plant some blooming plants in the likes of

  • Borage
  • Nasturtium
  • Flowers

This will helps your garden plant to live healthy by attracting pollinators



Before starting a kitchen garden its assumed that you have listed your favorite garden veggies that you will be planting. Probably you don’t have any in mind currently so take a look at our own ideas below;


Are you an Italian? Or love Italian foods then this is totally for you

  • Plant san marzano paste tomatoes
  • Corno di toro peppers
  • Genovese .basil
  • Cocozelle squash


Are you a salad lover? Then listen to my salad tips you will have to try plant cabbage, also plant your lettuce, carrots, do not also forget to plant your red radish and when planting the tomatoes always plant cherry tomatoes.


Are you a fan of stew? Then yes these are all that you need to plant within your garden starting from fresh organic natural cherry tomatoes, chili peppers, green peppers, garlic, ginger, turmeric.


Other veggies that can benefit your kitchen: there is a normal saying that always says that varieties are the spice of life so having a lot of varieties of vegetables in your garden might work for good you might not know when you will have a need for those of them you do not always use take a look below:

Varieties of kitchen garden vegetables

  • Beetroot
  • Green peas
  • Carrots
  • Kale
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber
  • garden eggs



What to grow in your kitchen garden also depends on your originality. Take for instance are you Greek or French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, African. Depending on your originality also will also have an effect on the choice of veggies to plant in your kitchen garden.

Also try as much as you can no matter how hard it might be or how good your economy seems to be growing some little vegetables in your garden will definitely help you to save some money and help your plan for better use of your money in a more proficient way.



Also plan on planting, not just edible veggies because you love eating vegetables do you know that some vegetables can also serve as decorations to make the house look so neat and beautiful.

Try some vegetables like

  • Purple podded pole beans
  • Red leave lettuce
  • Scarlet runner beans
  • Lavender for beauty etc




Planting lavender in the kitchen garden is the best time to plant at

When to plant lavender

what to grow in a kitchen garden


It is at the best time to plant lavender in your kitchen garden at its young stage during the spring season when the temperature of the soil is warm enough up to 60°F 15°C by that time it’s assumed that frost is passed away.


How to choose and prepare a planting site in your kitchen garden

Lavender mostly loves and enjoys its growth in soil with moderate fertility

It’s also best to add some organic manure to your clay soil or your hard soil to mix it together and loosen it for the roots to have easy access to penetrate. Also, remember no to overwater


Planting lavender in your kitchen garden

Lavender should be one of the things you should plan to add to your kitchen garden so what to grow in your kitchen garden should not be a problem by now.

However lavender might be a little not too easy to grow especially from the seed. So, in this case, we will recommend that you purchase any nursery from any garden near you with this you can start from the nursery to grow your lavender at this stage the stress has reduced and the tendency of survival has increased.

You can also cut some matured parts of lavender just some inches during the spring season or in the summer when the stems are now more full-grown.

Planting your lavender in your kitchen garden should be planted at least 2 feet to 3 feet apart from each other. This plant grows from 1 to 3 feet.




Add mulching to your lavender to help minimize weeds. However, do the mulching in a minimum to avoid too much moisture which will cause root rot.


  • What you need to know about lavender
  • It is used for its medicinal properties
  • also, it has a good fragrance that can benefit your kitchen when you place in a flower verse.
  • Its beauty is unrivaled having elegant leaves colored with purple and blue
  • It’s a very valued plant all over the globe
  • Has a very good tendency of survival even in poor or rich soil texture


Best place to plant your lavender

Outside of planting lavender in your kitchen garden other places you can also plant your lavender includes

  • Your cars runway/ entrance into your compound
  • Basement/ veranda seating area
  • Balcony area

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