what's the best way to feed cows

What’s the best way to feed cows?

left to you what’s the best way to feed cows? By origin cows are ruminant animal species they feed a lot due to the presence of their 4 stomach chambers. It is always a good practice to feed them always and balanced to help their immune to facilitate their digestion process faster.


If it’s a new cow its best to first make sure you have discovered what they have been feeding on so you can evaluate what to feed them and as well their overall feeding habit and health this will help you to strategize what’s the best way to feed cows with a good feeding plan within the next few weeks.

Changing their type of feed in the wrong way can upset their immune and bring about the bacteria’s that work in their stomach to be unbalanced and this might cause sickness indigestion or some other problem.


Cattles feed so much that you might even get angry on the manner they consume their feeds so fast and quick without minding your financial capability they consume up to 3% of their average body weight on food alone. Well, their work is to feed and yours is to produce the feed work has been shared equally so yours respectively to get the most maximum returns.


So suggested is to make sure they have silage, forage, or hay all kept in place for them to keep their busy digestive system happy at all times. When they don’t feed fine as they as meant to feed this tends to tell on the overall health of the cattle including in the amount of milk they produce and the amount of weight they add.


what are a good mix for cattle feed?

what’s the best way to feed cows

Makings use of some supplemental feed to mix up the cattle feed is good especially during the times of lack of quality foods caused by drought or for breastfeeding cows. Check options below:

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  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Soybean Meal
  • Barley
  • Wheat
  • Kelp
  • Oats
  • Corn


Don’t make decisions on your own always remember that there is a veterinary doctor who you can always consult in times like this to help you to decide what’s best for the cattle. He is the one to choose the best at that moment in order to keep the mineral and salt block always available at always. And always to keep all these food socks inside the shelter to avoid being shattered by the rain.



How do you know how much to feed a cow?

what’s the best way to feed cows

It all depends on the species of cattle you have, on the quality and quantity of food present.


If it’s an older cow that is only milked for the family use she can only feed a little compared to a younger cow in her production prime which is being milked severally a day.


Their feeding plan can never be the same. The younger produces more and needs more energy and nutrient to replenish more while the older produces less so she does not eat much due to less energy and nutrient loss.

The same goes with cows being raised for meat consumption, such cow will eat more compared to a cow being raised just as a family cow there is a difference.

So it’s best to meet up with your cattle’s veterinary doctor to help in determining what exactly you need to do.


Often cows used for business purposes known as dairy cows are always known to eat on feeds that are produced commercially just like hay and feeds. They get lucky sometimes to graze on fresh pastures sometimes.

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Family dairy cows as well need up to 20 pounds amount of hay to mix with some good amount of grain. Adding some vegetables like carrots, pawpaw, cucumbers, and so on are good for them.


Always monitor your cattle’s health and movement


Does not matter how good your farm looks or how healthy your cattle’s are there is this one thing you cannot avoid while taking care of your cows which is monitoring them at all times every day every minute you come across them access them with a deep eye to ascertain their overall health being.

A cattle that was healthy last hour can just get sick in the next hour, this is one reason you must be watchful at all times so you can discover any sickness on time before it gets worse and results in a case even worse.


Cows might look like they don’t fear but be careful a wrong noise or movement might send them all running around and this might cause injury it’s best to maintain a quiet serene environment.


Take note and keep the details of the eating habit and food consumption of your cow. When they tend to decrease in their food intake be sure to know the cause for such can make room for sickness to strike.


However, do your cattle feed on pastures and it seems it’s hard to keep the record of how they feed, all you will do here is to keep a close eye and watch their overall movement with this you can know if they are happy feeding well or not.

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Also keep a record of the vital signs of your cattle health status, maturity of the cow.


Check below to see what it looks like:

The temperature of the body 100.5 to 103.1°F

Pulse rate 40 to 8o heartbeat per minute

Respiration 10 to 30

Having a close watch on them will help you know when something is going out of its lane. Then you should know when such happens that it’s time to contact their doctor.


Having a talk with your veterinary doctor about having to schedule dates for regular vaccination against flu and sicknesses and also worming them.  Follow it strictly closely to achieve greater results n your cattle’s


How to choose healthy cows

Making the proper selection is the first step


Whenever you are trying to choose the cattle you will buy make sure you know the breed of cattle you are going into also know the health status of each of the cattle’s


  • Smooth, Easy Moving Joints and Legs
  • Smooth, Regular Breathing
  • Clean, Relatively Dry Nose
  • Bright, Clear, Alert Eyes
  • Full, Round Silhouette
  • A Calm Manner
  • No Coughing


Let’s assume probably you have not been into this business before so, therefore, choosing good cattle sounds challenging to you. Then you must seek help from an expert I suggest going with a vet doctor or a good professional cattle businessman who knows in-depth about cows


Summary on what’s the best way to feed cows

We covered a whole range of important notes on how to feed cows, how to know how much to feed a cow, how to choose a healthy cow, and so on. Careful implement all that you have learned from this page today and make your cattle’s proud.

read more: https://farmandanimals.com/how-to-care-for-a-cow/

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